Thursday, December 7, 2006

Thurs Night Life Drawings!

Still rusty, but always feels good to get back into figure drawing! Super cool model who was always smiling. Here are some stuff from tonight:

30 Sec

1-2 Mins.

Our Model!

Longer pose exposing my weak anatomy knowledge! Back to the books!


cheryl said...

wow hunny it looks so lean and elegant and the top one looks like shes taking a poo-poo.

Furious Peter Hon said...

Hey Bobby,

Just curious where ya'll are doing life drawing. Is it at AIS or somewhere near the Eastside? Looks like you still got the touch, strong poses, easy to read.... :)

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Peter!

Thanks for stopping by man. Some of us here at work arranged life drawing sessions just done after hours in the building. Before that I went back to AIS occasionally, but very seldom.

Btw, I saw very recently the animation test you posted on Strut. How did things work out with that?

Furious Peter Hon said...

I wasn't on my A game with that test. It was almost a year or so since I worked in Maya. Long story short, didn't make the cut. Still practicing, so no worries there... :)

I saw your test with the Baseball Player. Looking REALLY good (and I mean that).

Alright, gotta pick up the wife. Keep in touch. *thumbs up*


Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Peter,

I know what you mean man, a while back I took an anim test for a studio up here in Maya, which I never had really worked in, and was tripping all over myself.

I still remember when Evan showed me your 2D tests way back in school and I was super impressed with them.
For what its worth, If you ever need a fresh eye on any tests you do let me know!