Thursday, February 1, 2007


There was no sketch and pose assignment this week, but I wanted to keep the ball rolling, and continue practicing selling the idea for an emotion through body language. Just some ideas for nervous, nothing super cool. Maybe more later!

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knoble said...

Hey Bobby, really enjoying your posts regarding "going back to school". Wonderful to see someone as talented and successful as yourself still digging deeper.

I have a senior project student right now who is working on rigging a character for a dance animation, and of course your Guild Wars reel is a great inspiration!

If you EVER want to drop by AIS and do some demos for any of my classes, $50 bucks and rockstar status await you! That goes for any of the AIS grads your work with. Trying to get Jason and Kekai to spread the word for me. The students were greatly impacted by their presentations! Kathryn