Sunday, March 11, 2007

Electric Boogaloo.

Inspired by some breakdancers we saw fighting for space at the J&M Club last Wednesday. And an excuse to play with more brushes!

I used to be HARDCORE into breakdancing, in junior high that is literally all that any of the kids did and thats all that we ever talked about. If we weren't video taping ourselves in the garage, we were watching Beat Street for the thousandth time. I could never do crazy any of the advanced power moves like headspinning or ninties. My forte was the windmill and I for a while I thought I was super cool until eventually eeeverybody in Bremerton could do it. The best guys were always those skinny 100 pound dudes because they didnt have much to work with. I kinda tapered off in high school and by college I was back to being completely uncoordinated.

For more crazy breakdancin action check out my co-worker, Rich, serving fools at work!

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Amber Monette said...

I dig that style Bobby. It's funny that you have a chi and a pug...those are awesome pooches!!