Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FACA: The Bad News Boos

So while I was waiting for the animation tutorship to start, I thought It'd be fun to enter a competitor in the upcoming Fist-a-Cuffs competition. This one was slated to involve a tag-team AND a manager, so I hooked up with 2 guys that were looking for a 3rd. They turned out to be 2 great, talented dudes, Mitch and Greg, and heres what we came up with. There were a lot of ideas thrown out, but we all agreed to the idea of a paper route manager who posessed the souls of 2 paperboys to do his bidding.

Here is the rough idea and final color of my contribution, Suzy Spectre.
With the others' contributions, We were the Bad News Boos!We made it past the first round, only to be stopped in our tracks the second round by "When Nature Calls You Out." I only got to do one spot of smak talking, which admittedly, is kind of crappy.

Still, it was a lot of fun to do. It went suprisingly smooth and both teammates were extremely creative and fun to work with.
Go Boos!


libra bear said...

I am soo happy I found this Blog, Your work is incredible, and your blog is a good read, I coming back for more.

scott said...

I agree with libra bear 100percent. amazing stuff!

Heidi Smith said...

I love the Halloween designs!! They are lovely!

Bobby Chiu said...

Wonderful characters! Great work Bobby!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks everyone! Very humbling cause you guys are all killers!

flaviano said...

great team man, really funny!