Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sasquatch Festival!

I went to the Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge w/ Cheryl and some good friends this weekend! Suuuuper nice to get away from computers for a weekend. Thanks for the pics Les!
Leslie, Cheryl, Me.

The Blue Scholars

With Trevor
James and Katy

Katy,Trevor, Cheryl, Les, and Wiggs.

Jacob Sisters

See Katy's rad sketches here!

the Flaming Lips with the Epic finish!


chunkstyle23 said...

What, no pictures of you guys posing with the Hummer?

The Flaming Lips finale must have been just looney tunes... cot-damn!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Who the eff would bring a Hummer to the Sasquatch Festival!? Certainly not I sir.