Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Usain Bolt

Thanks for your feedback on my work in progress shot everyone! I really appreciate it!

Here's a lunchtime sketch of one of my favorite moments of the Olympics. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt celebrating way before he even reaches the finish line, and still breaking the world record. He broke two more in the 200m and 4x100 relay before the games were over.

Here's another memorable one:
Cuban TaeKwonDo Olympian kicks referee in the face. What?! Such a horrible thing! Poor guy.
I just wish it wasn't such a funny picture. I dont think I could've posed it any better. The formation of his hands lead me to believe that he was actually a few microseconds late to kung-fu block it, or catch his foot or something.

Well so, to make it relevant to this blog (and so I dont go straight to hell) , I'll try and break down why I think this image works so well. And I'll try to keep the giggling in. Wait. Just. Give me a second........Okay, whew. Here goes

click for bigger image.

I couldn't fit this in the picture but there is also a little bit of overlap on the tie. Which, again, also follows the line of action.

Awful sportsmanship, kinda awesome image.


Matt said...

Yeah man that Usain has a serious case of being all Lionhearty! That Cuban dude seriously has a bad case of being an asshole.

Oh and Ed Juan totally commented on my stupid long-winded Zhivago post!!

It's like Daft Punk is playing at my house! LIve!

RAWLS said...

Bobby = Hilarious.
Cuban Retard = Retarded.
Usain = Inhuman.

Nice Usain sketch man...that might qualify as the new desktop.

Kristian said...

hahahaha right on.!
i'll secong rawls comment a new desktop wallpaper has arrived

Edward Pun said...

Yeah... I was the same way, glued to the TV for 2 weeks and stay up way too late watching the Olympics.

Awesome pic, Bobby! You da man!!

Cesar Tafoya said...

Hey Bobby how are you? How's mentor? Sadly I had to put if off yet again... money is super tight and I got the Imageworks internship and had to move to LA. As always, awesome work. I've been trying to look for video of the tae kwon do kick but no luck so far

Sho said...

great illustration

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks guys ur too nice! Although you might wanna think twice about the desktop once you check out Martin Wittig's new post! Dee-licious.

gamusino Javi said...

wonderful my friend !! and interesting movement studies

Greg said...

Hah! Love the breakdown.

Anonymous said...

I like the Usain Bolt pic! :) Very neat.

Gerald said...

THose are great olympic illustrations!!! The break down of the referee kick to the face had me cracking up at work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cuban man received a lifetime ban from the sport for that move!

兩津 said...