Sunday, July 26, 2009

So...... I met my hero this weekend !

Me and Glen Keane at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Pretty awesome right?! This was right before the Walt Stanchfield Panel. After waiting in line for long while, the panelists start to show up in the front. With my eagle eye, I spot this dude from afar in shorts and a cap, and I realize Oh sh*t its Glen Keane! He looked like a kid with his little backpack!

I muster up the courage to approach him and ask if I can get a quick picture. I turn to him, a little verklempt, and go, " Man, You're my hero Glen." He stops , takes a moment to look down at my badge and goes "Well thank you , Bobby." Like, super sincere y'know? So I told him his work was the reason I aspired to become an animator, which is true. He shook my hand, and my friend Tirzah took the picture. I said thank you one more time, made sure the picture wasn't blurry, and squirmed away. Aw man, I didn't think I would geek out like that but I felt like a little kid.

Check out more of my pictures from the comic-con here !


Cossette said...

Petty awesome pic, son. Wow...Finally u got to meet, handshake, and even talk to ur idol. That was such a good feeling ha? I bet you will enlarge and frame this photo. HEP, HEP HURRAY, Bobbykins.

Jeremy said...

Good for you! I know the feeling.. like trying to be cool but also knowing that this person helped shape your career choices. Always nice to know our heroes are great people!

Sam Rowan said...

That panel was was like the elders of animation. It was so cool. Jealous you met glen

myung said...

thats kickass! its always great to hear that the great artists are also nice and sincere too! hehe

Betsy Bauer said...

That's excellent! I'm happy you got to meet him. You've got one jealous fellow animation student over here!

Lianne said...

Wow, Bobby! That's amazing! I am so very, very jealous. Thanks again for sharing your photos.

Congrats on your short! I didn't get a chance to comment on it, but I loved it. You definitely made lemonade out of the lemons, given the situation with the 2d/3d issue. Nice work!

RAWLS said...

hahaha... I love that you geeked out. I think any of us would have! Glad you had fun my friend!

Peter Hon said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!

Did I mention awesome? Cause it is. :D

pbcbstudios said...

hey bobby! good seeing you again - thanks for stopping by the booth!

Jav said...

Awesome... He's mine as well, wish I couldve had the chance to meet him.

Oliver Akuin said...

pretty awesome!

Trent Correy said...

Hey man, sweet blog...I loved your film! Nice mix of 2d and 3d! met everyones hero!

Nishant said...

pretty good hero..

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Tapan Gandhi said...

awesome!! haha, he is super sincere, rite? i had the honour of getting to meet him last summer.. incredible individual, to say the least

Edward Pun said...

Looks like you guys have a great time at SDCC! Thanks for posting the pics.

3dsketchbook said...

hahaha trés cool :)

Who knows bobby one day you might be in Glen Keane shoes :P

I would love to go to SDCC and Siggraph - its just the distance and cost :(

Hey whats the books Eric Goldberg is signing?

Looks like you had an amazing day - so lucky :)

sebastian meyer said...

Your style is mad inspiring man! Hats down.

elephantmarchblog said...


Aleksandrova Olga said...

I like your works!
It very well that you can meet your hero in a real life!
Glen is my hero too!
I think he is the hero of all who engaged in animation - he is just can't be not hero!
and yes, jealous you met Glen
I hope that someday I will have lucky too. because I so am far from all of you!

Lamont Hunt said...

Dude...I geeked out the SAME way when i saw/spoke to him at SIGGRAPH in 2005. I even told him I was gonna animate on Repunzel. He told me'll be a while before it goes into production. I'm like..well..I'll be there! lol so that plan isn't happen exactly like I'd hoped! nice posts man! miss you around AM!

ronney said...

that awmazing bobby!
man id liek to ge t to know you im 23 years and im like a few months to finish my associates in computer animation,
coudl you please help to guide you know things, i remember when i was liek 14 years old and i whent o disney studios and the it was this guy drawing a monkey and he said that a secret movie was coming out and in that time it was tarzan!

Lauren said...

Ahahaha I totally understand the geeking. I had the pleasure of going to a presentation by Glen and Roy Conli before Tangled was released here in Australia. Two of my friends and I were the first ones in and Glen just came up and started talking to us kindly and casually and I was so excited and awed I think perhaps 20% of my speech was coherent haha.

He's just the most amazing animator and so much more. He just GETS IT....gets how characters and stories need to be shown. Truly wonderful, and I'm so glad you got to meet him, however briefly!

Anonymous said...

Oh My God.....what a Dream, what a Dream!!!!

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