Monday, June 27, 2011

Friends from work

Just some fun drawings done for co-workers either as going-away gifts (sadface) or b-day gifts.  Or just to make fun of them.
Pascal F.
Keith P.
Nathan E.
Sheldon & Chantelle
Joe Lee.

And so we're fair, here's a flattering one of me done by the awesomely talented and equally cruel, Garrett Shikuma


Anonymous said...

You got Sheldon, Keef, and Nathan SPOT ON. I'm not fortunate enough to have worked with the other folks, but I absolutely love your style. I'm eagerly waiting for you to do a Sloss :)

Unknown said...

All of these are awesome! I wish I was your friend and moving away.

Emil said...

Bobby these are amazing!!!!
I love how fluid your characters are! Your friends are very lucky to have these are a present :)

Gyimah said...

These are awesome! I love the of your friend doing a handstand :)

Unknown said...

Haha! These are so nice!

Davies said...

Lool Soo koool!

Anonymous said...

Superb sharing. All are great. Very very good work.

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Andre Barnwell said...

thats an awesome Joe lee

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