Friday, November 23, 2012

Tappers Caricatures

When Ralph goes to Tappers bar and runs into the Hero's Duty soldier for the first time,  John Musker and I did those caricatures of game celebrities on the wall.  

The idea was to have it replicate the feel of a famous New York restaurant called Sardi's, where the walls are lined with caricatures of celebrities.

Here are a few of the ones I did.
 Centurion- Altered Beast
 Chun Li- Street Fighter
 Dhalsim - Street Fighter
 E-Honda - Street Fighter
 Guile- Street Fighter
 Ken- Street Fighter
 Neff- Altered Beast
 Peter Pepper - Burger Time
 Ryu - Street Fighter
 Sagat- Street Fighter
 Sorceress- I'm not sure which game
 Space Invader
Zangief- Street Fighter
 Fix-It Felix

Our director, Rich Moore.
Big thanks to Rich for giving me the chance to do these!
All images are property/copyright Disney


thndrcat said...

BOBBY!! U killed it! Awesome job, I love the style your developing & tweaking!
The Guile profile is my fav. Perfect choice to have him in profile- fits right in with that style

Daniel said...

Guile and Zangief are nuts. Congrats on getting so many Street Fighter characters. That game is a part of my youth.

C.Deboda said...

Cool, looks like a fun assignment!

Howard Shum said...

Nice idea and great looking pieces!

joscha said...

I love the hirschfeld-y look, especially in the Honda one: you should've snuck a NINA in there :D

L ROSSI said...

That is such an awesome job! "Today, we need you to draw characters from Street Fighter" *o*
'Gief, Chun-Li and 'Sim are my favs n.n

tonychauzer said...

Super entertaining stuff Bobby! Killer yoga-flame pose you got on Sim :) Looking at this stuff totally makes me wanna learn how to draw. I'm gonna do that now - thanks for the inspiration!

Jesse said...

so damn good!

Jeff Maka Merghart said...

I love that idea and the art is great!

Jason Newkirk said...

awesome Bobby! living the Disney dream! good on ya!

Ben Lo said...

Awwwesome! For weeks I've been looking and searching for the artist who did these caricatures in the pubn couldn't believe you were one of the one that did these!

TJ Phan said...

Sonic--BOOOOM!! Too cool, Bobby.

Ricardo De Los Angeles said...

Bobby, these are so great! When I saw this in the movie I was cracking up! lol

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Tisha said...

awesome bobby!!!!

gilang said...

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Emma said...

These are lovely! I loved Wreck-It Ralph, and seeing these here is great! Love the Shinobi one :) Sucked at that game as a kid.

Gabriel Cuesta said...

Awesome work Mr. Pontillas. Please, keep it up!!