Saturday, June 2, 2007

Goodbye ArenaNet

So yesterday was my last official day at ArenaNet. Still kind of broken up about it because I'll miss everyone. But I've accepted a position as a Sr. Animator/character designer at Gas Powered Games (in Redmond) on a new project that is unlike anything they've done before, and is super cartoony, which is right up my alley. I've been wanting to push my career into a more of a hybrid 2d/3d position and it'll also serve as a radical change from the work I've done on Guild Wars, style wise. I start monday!

My awesome awesome co-workers held a chamapagne/wine toast last friday, an all-company ice cream social in the animator room after work yesterday( which I hope to get pictures of) ,and a final send off party last night at my place. I got an awesome goodbye card/drawjam and Jason Juan gave me some great framed life drawings as a parting gift!

But lets talk about our feelings. I'll always be thankful to ANet for takin a chance on me when I had no 3D experience (which is one of the most stressful things to deal with, how am I supposed to get experience if everyone wants experience yadda yadda.) and trusting me to take on the player characters, takin me to E3 twice and paying for my breakfast, Lisa getting our lunch everyday, the list goes on and on. I've made a lot of good friends who I've loved hanging out with in and outside work, and have been completely humbled by freakishly talented artists working here.

Okay so here are some pics, random and from my last day.

I just realized Katy is not in any of these! Lame!

Yeah son.

With Venturini. This picture makes no sense.
With Huge and Hern.
Goodbye desk.Passing my animation secrets onto LL.

One last breakdancing session by request.

the ANet animation team.


Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Dude, hit me up some time. I'm pretty much right down the road. We'll go get lunch or something. Pho?

Great pics man!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Yeah Dennis great idea , most definitely! I didnt know amaze was in redmond. I'll let you know when I get in there!

Abdi said...

Wow that is big news! As an artist and a gamer thanks for your inspiring works on the Guild War franchises.

Good luck with your next workplace.

Newsquirt said...

congrats on the new gig Bobby. From the sounds of it, the new gig at GPG will be right up your alley. Im looking forward to see what comes next from them. Keep up the good work..and look at you dude, with the windmill...DOPE! heh said...

congrats n good luck on ur new venture, sonkins. nice photos. that u in green coat n orange beenie? i's very becoming,heehee...luv it.

Anonymous said...

You will do great things anywhere you go! Best of luck, have fun, and make sure you continue to update!

GhettoFab said...

you rock man! i wish you the best of time with the new job!!! COngrats and I will be on the lookout for updates when you get settled in!

Antario - gw fan said...

Wait, you're still gonna do the GW dances though right?


Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Well, it's in Kirkland, but I get lunch in Redmond all the time.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks Jason,Mel,anon for the well-wishes! Mom! About time you leave a comment on my blog, thanks for stopping by!

Antaro- probably not sorry man, but the animators there can more than handle it!

Dennis- lets do this!

Anywho, Lets hope I dont completely screw this game up! Thanks again!