Friday, June 8, 2007

rat city roller grrrrl.

My base sketch for the sketchwich theme this week. I'm not sure I understand the theme, but here mine is anyway. I'll color this one soon!

**Edit: heres the color:**
So new gig is a blast so far, I'm animating the cartooniest stuff I've ever done, by a longshot. I'm constantly having to push myself out of my "comfort zone" since the animation style is so completely different than what I've been used to. I love it though, it's the kind of crazy stuff I've always wanted to do, and before I know it, the day's over. The team is right now is pretty small, and most of us are going to be doing multiple tasks. It really kind of reminds me of my first gig where we were smaller and all of the artists were doing a little bit of everything; storyboards, designs, and animation included.
I'm also a little apprehensive about drawing on the job again, its been a long while. Like I feel like everyday is going to be one of those days where you feel like you cant draw a damn thing. And you look over, and see someone like Raf doin some crazy stuff and you feel even worse and you dont wanna pin it up on the wall. I dunno, I'm up for the challenge though I'll just have to get over that initial hump! BRING IT ON, uh...... Art! ..thats, not crappy!
BTW, why is my site straight purple on everyones screen except mine.

**Edit- Check it! My first cintiq drawing ever! Her name is Cintiqua.
Turns out Cintiqs dont make my drawings any more awesomer. What a rip off, eh? **


Anonymous said...


Peter Hon said...

Man, I hate to ask, but can I get a job at GPG? Seriously, I almost never get a response from HR whenever I send in my resume.

I was wondering why Steve Snoey always talks about Rat City Roller Grrrls. I guess its a company thing... :D

Bobby Pontillas said...

hey peter! Send me a reel of your recent stuff, I'll take a look at it and make sure the right people do too.
Email me for contact info.

A couple of the guys back at Arena were also all about the Rat City Roller girls. And isnt Snoey's gf also a roller girl?

Peter Hon said...

I don't know the particulars with Steve's GF, but there is an association (fund raising for the RCR G I think).

I'll send my reel to your contact address. Thanks a bunch!!

Matt said...

They were already looking pretty awesomer by the time you took off Bobby! Hey how is drawing on the Cintiq? Are you getting that drawing on the hood of a car feel Barret is always talking about?

Bobby Pontillas said...

haha thats actually exactly what its like. Its kind of the uncanny valley of drawing, where its a step closer than a wacom, almost there but not quite. I dunno.

Wheres your blog man!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, great work! Mind if I ask what software you use to color your stuff?

Bobby Pontillas said...

yeah! just photoshop man.
Thanks for stoppin in!