Monday, July 2, 2007

back in action

I'm back from from the Philippines, again! I'm gonna just start taking two week vacations every month.

Check out this super rad sculpture I scored! Not quite as cool as barrel man, but a little bit cooler than phallic ashtray.
I know right?!

Tonight is supposed to be my first night back in Animation Mentor, but for some reason I cant seem to log in. And considering the price tag every one of these sessions is precious. I dont even know who my mentor is yet. If this goes on any longer, I better get like, Brad Bird or something. Or anyone French. Like a Gobelins student or something, I'd settle for that.

**Update** Finally got to log in and my new mentor is Greg Kyle! Sweet.

Heres a quickie done for the Unleaded Artists site, a blog started by some Gas Powered Games artists. It just started up so theres not much yet, but heres my meager, unfunny contribution!
The theme was "The unathletic, promiscuous priest who was genetically engineered".

My brain cant process that many words in one sentence. So heres my unathletic priest.


Peter Hon said...

Those gobelin guys are all sorts of awesome. :D

Glad your trip went well and hope the logging into AM gets better.

Oh, go see Ratatouille NOW! Its the BEST thing the old Pencil Test Room cronies (Ty, Tara, Mark, Amy, Leo, Evan) have seen together in a long time.

Bobby Pontillas said...

I just came back from seeing it! It was already hyped for me and it definitely met my expectations. I didn't know you guys still all hung out and I didnt know Ty was in town!

GhettoFab said...

your a vacation goin foool!!!!;) ( So envious! Yeah Im a hater like that..)

Look forward to findin who your mentor is as well!

Peter Hon said...

Yeh, all the guys still hang out. We all went to Evan's place after to visit his wife and son, then played Settlers of Cattan until 2pm. Good Times... :D

Matt said...

Seeing Ratatouille + Animation Mentor = Pumped Beyond Belief!!! Glad you're back in states. Trevor cries a lot now that your gone.