Saturday, July 28, 2007


For fun.

This really is amazing to see:
Its Glen Keane quickly animating a scene, straight ahead, for a lecture at Cal Arts. One drawing at a time, this character really does begin to come alive in front of you. He really does believe it, and you can be startled (along with the class) when he rolls the drawings and the guy actually comes alive. Its really quite something, and I dont think any other artform can give you the same feeling. And for those of you that know me, know that Glen's work was and is a big reason why I decided to pursue animation in art school.

Oh and look who it is! Just me chillin with my Pixar peeps, hangin out online, shootin the poop, drinkin beers.
In reality its from a Ratatouille q & a session ( with Robert Russ and Doug Dooley) Animation Mentor held tonight. I was so excited I can barely remember the answers to the questions I had, as a matter of fact I can barely remember the questions I had.
I did remember to ask what some of the biggest lessons they learned on the project. Both of them mentioned specifically they learned more about posing than ever before. Especially since Pixar brought on a lot of newer traditional animators they dubbed the French Connection. Bolhem Bouchiba, Kristophe Vergne, Theirry Martin among others. I did recognize these names from the Tarzan animation team, who was animated at the France studio. (Off the record: I'm a huge fan of Bolhem, dude, he animated Jumba in Lilo and Stitch. Who was RAD! ) Anyway, these guys came in and taught them so much about graphic solid posing, strengthening their work.

I cut out early to walk the dogs and spend time with Cheryl, but at least I got a question in and walked away with some sage advice. And that is:
In this industry, if you're not French, dont bother.


Or am I?


Heidi Smith said...

I really really love this, incredible design!!

elephantmarchblog said...

Your designs are fantastic; very classy. Keep it up

jerome o said...

I concur, great animation as well. U should be animating for film.

Alexiev said...

Good animation..

Best regards...

Torsten Schrank said...


Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey thanks for stopping by guys! And thanks for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Can I buy this! How much?

Anonymous said...

Hey man, luv that girl on the bike. Maybe one of these days you can do a tutorial on how to go from rough sketch to flat/no outline drawings like that.

Keep up the good work!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey anonymous!!

I just found this process breakdown from Mike Laughead that is similar, but is likely more effecient than my chaotic way!