Tuesday, September 18, 2007

AM Class 2- Last Q n A

Tonight was our last Q & A with Greg Kyle, I should keep in touch cause I'll miss him. For any AM students going into Class 2, try to work the system and get Mr. Kyle. I really appreciated his candor and his commitment to share everything he knows about animation w/ our class, plus he's freakin funny. To be frank, this quater got a little bit frustrating at times, because I continued to use 3D Max, and there was no shortage of Maya-specific questions during Q & A (understandably). But he never was frustrated, and was always open and willing to share his experiences and thoughts about the industry. And times would still be around w/ us well over the 8-9 Q&A schedule. Once I remember Q & A went a little past 10:30 man!
I also made a few more new friends this class which I'm thankful for. Still I wish I had more time to drop by other students' workspaces, as I did in Class 1. Next class I'll really make an effort to do so. That and I wish I wasnt so lazy, otherwise I'd share things Greg shared with us here on this blog regularly. Hmm. Maybe next class I 'll even have the courage to jump into Maya!

Oh and , I'll upload my class 2 progress reel here soon! Going through it, I felt like I was doing the best I could do, but lookin back at the work, I feel like I could've pushed a little more. Dont you hate that feeling?