Saturday, September 22, 2007

AM- Class 2 Progress Reel

Well here it is, another class, another progress reel! Hope you like!


dankhole said...

All 3 of these turned out great Bobby! I've really enjoyed watching the progress on these - especially when you filmed yourself kicking that tire! I really feel like I'm watching dailies from a big animation studio! You should do a scaled down version of Animation Master for your local friends - besides a good excuse to get together, we could learn a lot from you! Great work!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Oh Dan you sweet sweet man. I'm glad you enjoyed them! I just realized I never posted ref videos for the other assignments. Probably because they are awful & embarassing.
Speakin of getting together, hopefully we'll see you & AdaBurger at the Go Team show!
Thanks again man!

Dan said...

Hey Bobby,
Nice work. Looks like AM is certainly paying off. I've been toyin with the idea myself, but its just not possible at this time.

Anyways, keep it up and I look forward to seeing more.