Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tutoring w/ Stephen Gregory week 6.5

I was out of town last Monday so we had to postpone our week 6 session until this coming Monday. Here's where I'm going for my dialogue exercise. I wouldnt even call it rough blocking really. Its more layout/blocking, just enough information the idea across. It makes me chuckle, but maybe only because I can relate to it. Haha, I think I've been in this guy's situation about 3 times in my life. Maybe not the exact circumstances, but I definitely know what he's feeling. Method acting I guess!


Dan said...

Hey Bobby.

Looking good. Careful with her last pose on her head. At that angle her glasses and far eye look a little odd, maybe cheat her a lil more so that we can make out more of her might be able to separate them a lil more on that last shot too, or at least move the camera more in front, to decrease the negative space on screen left, and well as giving a lil more room in between the 2 so they dont feel so squished together. May wanna make a similar adjustment to the second shot too.

Just some thoughts. Keep it up pal!


Adam Gard said...

like the idea behind this! does the dialogue continue on? I ask because it feels a little like it doesn't resolve at the end, but maybe that's a time issue for tutoring?
That's just this noob's feedback...otherwise lookin' good! Keep it up!


Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Dan and Adam my fellow classmates! Thanks for takin a look and your feedback. Invaluable stuff!