Sunday, June 29, 2008


Poster Art by Eric Tan

Not sure if you heard but a new Pixar film about robot love came out this weekend. I wont give anything away but I must say that I loved this movie very much. Maybe it was a sensitive day, but I must admit that I got a little choked up at parts. Dont judge me blogspot, Cheryl teared up 3 different times! Ha! But really, part of it was getting caught up in Wall-E's story, and the other was taking in how much unique, beautiful, sincere, honest work this animation medium is capable of.
Andrew Stanton makes you really care for this character, and after watching the movie I felt like we became really good friends and I, I miss him! Thats right world! I genuinely miss, and am concerned about the well being of a trash- cubing, pibsqueak robot. If there would be anything I would want audiences to take away from my work, it would be to for them to really care about my characters. Its the reason why Kiwi! is one of my favorite short films of all time, student or pro.

Wall-E and Finding Nemo are the Pixar films that tug right at the heart strings to me. Remember that lump you got in throat when Marlin found that he had one egg left? Daaamn, thats some pretty powerful stuff man.

You've probably read most of the pre-release interviews Stanton has been doing, but I came across a particulary good one with Andrew here. Interesting stuff like the "power of using your personal experiences to fuel certain moments in movies" , and the perceived political & ecological messages in the film.


Andy Conroy said...

Yes sir I enjoyed this film a whole lot! I don't think I have ever been so wrapped up in one character on screen all by himself for so long. I mean Tom Hanks was great in Cast-Away but i think my love for the medium pushes him out and Wall-E in. Incredible. I really do miss him.

10ske said...

Indeed a great movie! best silent movie ever. but you still knew how he felt. Cat couldn't stop crying and even I got teary eyed at certain parts.

flaviano said...

it's just me or the silouette looks like a subliminal ray ban aviator commercial?

Andre Barnwell said...

Nice Reel and thanks for posting up that uplifting WHERE THE HELL IS MATT.

Javi Recio said...

I really want to see that movie. Bobby, amazing "quick n dirty" sketches, man!!!!

kaunchen said...

I enjoyed the Wall-E too. Lots of cute moments and great character development.
hee..but I wanna see Kung fu Panda again..haaa...haaa
Penda’s father is way too funny :)
This is a great yr with lots great movies!

Unknown said...

Indeed a great movie....

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