Tuesday, July 8, 2008

AnimationMentor- Class 4

Sweet! My new mentor for class 4 (Adv. Acting) is Brett Coderre. An animator at Pixar since A Bugs Life. We had our first q & a session last week where we all introduced ourselves. Brett seems genuinely committed to helping students become better ( he's been doing AM for 2.5 years!) and I get along well with my classmates really well, theres a lot of positive energy going around.
Some expression thumbnails for my shot.

Brett definitely takes a less is more approach. And sure enough, tonight he really ripped into my lip-sync test! Which, I kid you not, felt kind of reinvigorating because I spent a week away from it during break. Even though we are focusing on facial animation , he had a real chip on his shoulder about simplifying the acting to be more natural. He felt like I was hitting too many beats than I needed too, especially with the arms, which made it lose a lot of the intensity.
I remember watching Brett's critiques on students' work earlier on when I was in class 1, and I distinctly remember that that was his major comment on most people's work. To simplify! To break down those several main key poses into 1 or 2, and work within those. Or to hit this pose and "work within it". I went in to this one thinking I was simplifying, but I need to work to boil ideas down even more. Ha, I dunno, most days I feel like I get it, other days I get knocked on my ass.

Brett going over some of my work during my first e-critique of class 4.


Adam Strick said...

Awesome dude! I had Brett back in term 2 and wish that I had him after I had some more animation knowledge built up because he has a ton of great info. Keep up the good work man, I'm sure you'll have some more awesome work to show us by the end of the term!

RAWLS said...

Great advice! Can't wait to see what else you learn from him! Great opportunity.

EL GRANDE said...

That is so exciting. In another life, I would have killed for such an opportunity.

Great work,
joe y elio

Bianca said...

I can't wait to see how the final animation comes out!