Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All Rendery!

Whew! So I've been spending my waking hours finishing up this shot! Here's how the render turned out, though I know I'll want to go back and tweak more things when I look at this later. I'm pretty fried right now, hope you enjoy it though.

Here's where it was in blocking (One of several blocking passes! At this point I'm just trying to get Brett to buy off on the acting first. We went back and forth and there were a lot of different iterations at this stage.)

Here was some rough shot planning for it.
So there goes my term 4. Brett Coderre was awesome. Extremely particular about acting choices. I learned so much this term about working within a pose, text & subtext, etc. I must've watched this brilliant Doug Sweetland lecture a half dozen times. So much great info that it probably won't fully sink in until later.

After this is a week off. Then on to short film which I'm super pumped about! I've got a few solid ideas as to what I want to do, and I do know that I want it to be hand-drawn! Talk about biting off more than I could chew!


Blowtorch said...

Hi Bobby,

That is a great animation.
One comment, for what it's worth, is that maybe you could push the mouth shapes a little more on the woman character as she's shouting in the audio clip.
Thats just a minor thing though and as I said before the animation is great!

Look forward to seeing your next piece.



Lianne said...

Wow that's awesome, Bobby. I like the little added extras you put in the rendered version like the depth of field changes and the cucumber face mask. I'm glad you were able to keep the pregnant lady's bump at the end.

Looking forward to your short!

RAWLS said...

Yes guy! Two thumbs up. Great work my friend... I can't wait to see your film idea!

Barnard Cyrus said...

nice work here on this blog

WaiLik said...

Amazing work Bobby,
You're a constant inspiration for me!
Keep it up!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks so much everyone! And thanks for the feedback Jon!

Jo said...

I just finished poring through your gallery- I love your work! Your style is so joyful- I'm definitely going to keep coming back here to get inspired.

Eka said...

love the mask Bobby and nice touch on the lens focusing!

Peter Starostin said...

Hey Bobby. Just saw your "you have to support me" clip. OMG, why have I not been following your blog before. Awesome animation. Love it. Can't wait to see your next piece.

Chan Ghee Leow said...

What a great take on the dialogue! Love her facial mask :D

Josh Gridley said...

Hey Bobby, awesome job on your shot, it came out really nice. I agree with the mouth shape note. Also a small note. In the first shot, the guy right after he exhales, he starts to shift his weight to screen right, and there is some funky stuff going on in the hip arcs. Maybe just clean that up if you go back into the shot. There are a few pops on the girls shoulders towards the end too, and the guys shoulders on the OTS shot get a bit spliny.

Chris Palmer said...

such a nice test, and i can't wait to see your short film. the drawings you've done so far are looking fantastic!