Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Whew, last post of the year! I'm gearing up for animation on my film for my final term, which starts on the 4th. I've been solidifying and locking down designs on the break. ( And catching up on 30 Rock, so good!) So here are parts of the turnarounds for my 2 stars, Remington and Penelope!
Also as a bonus I'll share with you guys this totally charming present Cheryl received from her sister , Vanessa! Hahaha! I love it so much!Have a safe and fun New Years everybody! See you next year...


Pointpusher said...

Cool turnarounds Bobby. Happy New Year man.

Katy Hargrove said...

Those are tight turns!

That picture of Cheryl is great. :) I hope you guys hi-fived after seeing it.

Jeremy said...

Always beautiful work! I'm looking forward to your film!

Bianca Siercke said...

Those are great Bobby. And Cheryl's present is awesome lol. Good luck on your film. I can't wait to see it ^^

Bobby Pontillas said...

THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!! I really appreciate it. Happy 2009!

Fabian said...

Hey Bobby,

I just discover your blog. Great work you do!! Great ideas and conecpts you have! I will follow your work.
Have an amazing happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm excited to see this film. Going to be 2d animation right? Either way, it'll be super awesome.

RAWLS said...

Films lookin good bro! Happy New Year! Here's to a creative and successful 2009!!!

Ray Lederer said...

Awesome Bobby! Where are the pupils?! Remington is freaking me out man! Freaking me OUT!!!

Edward Pun said...

Happy New Year to you too!! Your work is amazing & inspirational.

Rock on brother!

Foom Spectacular said...

Great blog and a great style.

Unknown said...

Those turnarounds are crazy - their practically perfect! Nice stuff!

Kreative Town said...

Hi Bobby.......
i love style of work great man good luck for your bright future

Mukpuddy said...

Hey thanks for the comment dude! Really dig your blog and those turn arounds are awesome, good luck with the short!

Kei Phillips said...

fantastic work here! :)

thanks 4 stopping by my blog.

Parka said...

Looks cool. Great to see such animation blogs around.

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