Monday, December 1, 2008


Hey guys! For those interested, here's the latest pass of what my short film is looking like. Quite a few changes since my last post, and right now its a mixed bag of revised storyboards and layouts. And to be honest, I'm a little insecure in my abilities to make strong backgrounds, so I'm taking a simple approach with them! I feel like its all starting to take shape. And like I said, our term is starting to work on layouts, which means everyone's starting to make the jump to 3D. So there's a little sense of isolation for me. But friends in my term stay super helpful and seem genuinely excited to see a traditional short in progress.

I've also been learning the value of showing it to as many of my peers as I can. I've not only incorporated ideas from my mentor, but from other students at AM, friends at work, blog commenters.

So thanks for all of your comments on the last pass. I really get a lot out of them. And as always, your thoughts, good or bad, are welcomed again! Encouraged even!

Thanks for takin a look!

**Heres a shot of Mark and I in class, going over the finer points of short filmmaking. Screenshot from Tom Lubanovic's blog.
In other random news, heres a sketch I did tonight to get away from the film for a bit. Such a cool character, And I dont even really like Lucy Liu.

Yup, its Uncle Manny fight night again this weekend, probably his biggest one yet versus Oscar DelaHoya! So I thought I do a quick ditty to keep with tradition.Go Pacquiao!


Andre Barnwell said...

Thats technology for ya! Nice development work so far on it. Its really looking good.

RAWLS said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!! Great work so far my friend!

Katy Hargrove said...

I like this a lot Bobby!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Eka said...

ha, too funny Bobby! I like the changes! You might want to try a sound/music pass on it. Getting audio on it could help tighten up the pacing.

pointpusher said...

I agree about the audio. The newer transition with the star field shifting and bird/bat swooping is a nice touch. Is this going to be 3D or 2-D?

Jarrett said...

Man, you have such fab work. I was checking you on character design blogspot. I liked your butcher especially:D!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks boys,spam and Katy!

You're absolutely right about the music. Its funny because I've been back and forth trying to think of the right soundtrack since the very beginning, but I still got nada. I have to buckle down and start seriously looking! I'm open to suggestions!

Again thanks for takin a look...

Andre Barnwell said...

Yeah , I'm working on another short for someone but I have complete creative freedom from an audio track they gave me. I just graduated this year from doing an indy film , some people wait a while (like a year or two) before they get back into that mind set. But I'm a sucker for punishment...and getting better at what I've now Loved to do, design and make those designs come alive.

Samanta Erdini said...


You are terrific!!!!!!!

Thanks so much but SO MUCH for the comment on my blogg!! YAYYYYY!!
makes me happy darling!!!

Let`s go to eat some cherrys! here its so much Hot! ahhhhh :D

Thanks AGAIN!! :)


Doug Williams said...

It's awesome man.

Yelokehay! said...

Is fantastic!!!!! great work!

Samanta Erdini said...

thanks for the sweet Comment darling!!

you are very talented!

I love your art!


Mel Maduro said...

I am soooo excited to eventually see your film. Oh, and I didn't know you had a pug?!?! I lurv pugs.

Wile E. Wilster said...

You are amazing!
I think that's a very creative and funny, gruesome,yet lovely story/animation.

I can't wait to see it completed!

Tom said...

hey what, thanks for the shout out. I'm digging your backgrounds quite a lot. The story and characters have always been good, but I like the little changes you've been making.

JoeyCee said...

Is he really your Uncle Manny?...anyway he pummeled ODLH but good...nice art work too...checkout my sketchbooks blog

Kristian said...

dude, the film flows really well. I can't wait to see the finished version.

Raymond Santos said...

great artwork, de la hoya got his ass handed to him that night haha!!

Rob Davis said...

Hey, Bobby

Just stumbled onto your blog. Wow! There's some beautiful work here. Some really nice figure work... hmmm...back to the drawing board for me.


Chris Battle said...

Cool O-ren!

Chetan Trivedi said...

cant decide who is more handsome u or mark.
awesome stuff man.
keep posting!!

Puga Vida said...

Nice Pacquiao doodle! He deserved that win, I use to box as a kid up to my late teens in the Team de la hoya, and secretly i was cheering for Manny!

enaifos said...

hello everyone,
especially, Bobby Pontillas...
this is a GREAAAT ART !!!
i love illustration & animation too,
and this my SMALL !!!
Hope you'll enjoy !!!

Anonymous said...


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