Monday, June 22, 2009

In the bag!

After a little more than two years (on and off, I started Jan 2007) ,I'm finally done with my courses at Animation Mentor! July is gonna be a busy month. I go down to the bay area for the AM graduation, and then the weekend after after, is the San Diego Comic Con! Time flies when you're busy!

Here's a roll call of my final class, with Keith Sintay as mentor. I had the pleasure of sharing this class with some really , really skilled, hard workin' people. I felt like I was behind the whole time, seriously. But everyone was unbelievably supportive, and humble, and friendly. Same goes for all of my terms at AM though, I gotta say I made some good friends every class, and now half of my facebook are AM people.
I've been spending my waking hours polishing the 3D animation, so unfortunately I have no new drawings worth showing. But I thought I'd post some character sketches I did last year when I was working at Gas Powered Games. Grandpa Caruso and Surfergirl ! Grandpa was alot of fun, and I remember trying design surfergirl after my fiance, Cheryl. Both versions ended up not getting used for the project, actually, nothing ended up getting used, but thats another story altogether =). Still, it was a fun project, a great (albeit short) experience, and I worked with some great dudes.

Check out waaay more awesome work from this project on Raf's blog!

Yesterday I finally finished up some freelance work with Nickelodeon too! It was actually a lot of fun. I didn't know what to expect working with a bigger company like Nick, but I worked with a real cool art manager that "got it" and acted as buffer between myself and the Nick head honchos. I appreciated that.

I'll post up the film as soon as I get it in presentable order! I promise! Along with some tidbits on the things I learned, struggled with, little victories, in making the film. As humble & simple as it is, this term was chaotic! As you might know.

See you soon! In the Bay OR SD!


Zimm said...

hey, this looks like a game I worked on once upon a time... did you...? were we...? ...nah

Dani Gómez said...

looks great. I love 'em

Bianca said...

Congratulations Bobby!!!!
And your new drawings are awesome!! I Love the design for Grandpa Caruso :D He looks like a character with a really fun personality :D.

Can't wait to see the film ^^

Dave D said...

Congratulations Bobby!

Humble and simple is what I love about your film, what I've seen of it so far.

raf said...

Congratulations on your degree, Bobs! Grandpa and surf chick should just be in their own cartoon already--they're too good to not use!

Rodrigo said...

Dude, you're going to comic con? We'll have to run into each other at some point!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks for showing some love everyone!

Rodrigo, for sure dude! I couldn't find you email on your blogsite.

Lianne said...

Congrats, Bobby! Have fun at the SDCC. I'll live vicariously through your pics again. ;)

Jason Newkirk said...

Congrats bobby on graduating AM... Nice drawings as well

JoR said...

how long, sir!
your last posts are soo cool....I really love it, overall the Gun Girl ...
Love your style man!
ANd congrats for finishing AM! You have done a very good job, so..Hope you got a good job soon! Good luck!

Dennis S. said...

Congrats on finishing AM Bobby! Astig :)

I'm also very excited to see your animated short :)

RAWLS said...

Awesome!!!! Congrats my friend! I'm so proud!
...I'm also amazed that Darth Vader is learning how to animate!?!

Justin said...

congrats on finishing. love your film!!

Vicki said...

Congrats on finishing up, Bobby! Can't wait to see it! :)

Tom said...

Hey hey Bobby, congrats! Can't wait to see the finished film. But more importantly, can't wait to meet all you dudes in SF.

Do you know if studio tours of Pixar or ILM are a possibility for us folks? I hope so.

GhettoFab said...

congraduations sir!! So what hollywood studio you goin to? :)

Cant wait to see the power of the fully operational death star!!!!!!

Whooot whoooot

Raymond Xu said...

congrats! awesome work as always man. Can't wait to see the finished piece. I'll be in the SD with a few friends for comicon, you have a booth set up?

Phil Willis said...

Congrats on finishing AM.

I know you put a TON of work in - and it shows.

Brilliant stuff.

I hope I get a chance to see your finished short film some day.

Keep in touch from the AM Alumni site.