Monday, June 29, 2009

Long walks on the beach

Hey guys! Here's something I did tonight for a birthday gift . I'm not much of a painter (obviously!), but there you go . I had a few guidelines to springboard from, but I just wanted it to put the recipients in a good mood whenever they look at it! Maybe you will too, which is why I wanted to post it.

And I know I keep saying this, but, film comin soon! Promise! Just lower your expectations a little!

On another note, this Friday is Kevin Dart's Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7 show at Gallery Nucleus! Check out that rockstar lineup! And oh man, recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to have my Yuki sketch included in the show!
Which or course meant, getting it framed, and matted, and stuff. Which I've never done with my own art before. Oh and pricing it, which I'm not used to doing either. I guess when you're a newbie like me you're just thinkin, who on earth is gonna pay for this? Anyway it goes on for about two weeks, It was a little too last minute to get a ticket down, but if you stop by take some pictures!


Katy Hargrove said...

Is it wrong that I see this stroll ending with tickling? So cute Bobby!

Jeremy said...

What are you talking about? You're an excellent painter and your film is very nice too! Keep those expectations up.. way up :)

raf said...

Your friends are very lucky to a) have each other and b) have you to chronicle their happiness!

And stop already with the "I'm not much of a painter" business. You use colors and textures and the "medium" (watercolor, gouache, pixels, what have you) to make pretty pictures. I think you qualify, Mr. Modesty!

Alexis Barattin said...

this is rather adorable

RAWLS said...

Lowered expectations.
Wasn't that a skit on SNL?

3dsketchbook said...

Cool man this is a great painting. IS this digital? haha i can't tell... Would be nice to have a 10th of your drawing talent dude.


Tapan Gandhi said...

amazing, bobby! this is really cute :)

also, im not gonna lower my expectations. i can't. if you're film is half as good as anything i have seen on this blog, then it's gonna be one of the best shorts i've seen, i know it

Adam Temple said...

Not much of a painter! pshaaa! lol

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey!! Thanks for all the sweet comments everyone. You're all too nice.

Vicki said...

Bobby, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this painting. It makes me very happy, I'm sure it makes the owners happy too. :)

Christina Dee said...

really like your style, and you captured the moment really well :)

elephantmarchblog said...

Pretty impressive painting to me.

Karen.Trieu said...

wow! that looks GREAT!'re no painter? pfft.. your colours in there are really good..and the sketch itself..lotsa life! so good!!

justinpatrickparpan said...

Amazing painting Bobby! Your piece for the Yuki show looked great. Your rendition of Yuki was one of my favorites.


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