Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Schoolism: Assignment #1

Tonight I did my first assignment for my Schoolism class with Stephen Silver.  Our task was to design a character named Jerry Loomy based on a set description.  Here's a few bits from the description.
 Jerry Loomy.  
Used car salesman boss.
A cruel, moody ,high strung, dishonest man.
Stocky Build around 5'4".
A large round head with deep set eyes and sunburned skin, and
a patch over one eye.  

Receding hairline with a pony tail.

Here's my Jerry. I would totally buy a car from this guy.

And the initial small sketch I started from:

Based off of the description , I turned to our adorable friend Danny Devito for inspiration.  Who doesnt?! 

And while I'm sharing, here's a little Illo I did for Cheryl as a Christmas gift. 

She really does sleep w/ the dogs like that.  But how could you not with a face like this?

In other news, I think I'm just about done with my first animation test at Blue Sky.  I know, its been pretty kick back so far.  But this year is gonna get super busy fo sho.  Have a great week!


Hammy said...

Wah, this is looking awesome! :) Really loving the shape and silhouette. Great to see your works again too!! Some day I hope to be able to afford Stephen Silver's class myself, character design can be so much fun!

Henry said...

that looks awsomeee , is it possible to show the test u did at bluesky or are u not able to

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thank you guys! Hammy yeah Stephen's got a great attitude too, hes all about going out and getting inspired.

Hey Henry, the test involves one of the upcoming films characters, so I can't. But I will say that, while it's not much compared to the stuff being done by people here, I feel like I've had some pretty big breakthroughs with it! In how I approach animation. Thanks for your interest!

Javier Molina said...

looking good so far bobby! Are you using a cintiq or a normal tablet? keep em' coming!-jm

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Javi its on a cintiq, I fallen out of even being able to use a tablet anymore!

Unknown said...

crap Bobby! nice skin tones too. a bit of that ol' Sub surface scattering.

William Bradford said...

Sooooo good!

Deanna Davies said...

Both are awesome.. love Cheryl's painting!

& the face on the last photo (pug).. aww..omg, soo cute! lol

Pointpusher said...

Nice Bob-o!

JoR said...

hoho! the 1st one is just great man!

rad sechrist said...

Holy crap that design is freaking awesome!!!

RAWLS said...

haha! Great character dude!

thndrcat said...

Hey Bobb-O,

Nice stuff! I know you cant post the Animation test your working on, but cud you describe( without talking abt the characters) what your doing? Is it a physical shot? If so what is it? Character comes in and sits down? Character running around a corner coming to a stop & checking watch?
Or is it a dialogue piece? 400 frame- angry dialogue? A full body, one-liner?

Sorry for being so nosey,


Jeremy said...

Beautiful! The second piece is just stunning. Maybe Bluesky will be getting you to do double duty on animation and design!

Lucas Ferreyra said...

I love your work, man!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hey Bobby! This is dope man...very appealing. I would buy a hoopty from this fella lol. Keep up the great work man, real inspiration to me

Unknown said...

Bobby looking great haha... I wish I could draw... if I did I would take those classes =oD

flaviano said...

cool characters and attitude!
love the pink light on it!

XAV said...

Your design is really great ! I don't think you need to take classes with you skills.

Owen Flanagan said...

Excellent design Bobby, I think you got the character spot on.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey thank you so much guys! Means a lot to me.

Unknown said...

Hey Boobs!

Cool drawing of Cheryl and the dogs!

You probably didnt know this but Danny DeVito actually played a used car salesman -of the sleazebag variety, in the movie Matilda (1996). I <3 him as Frank in Always Sunny! Kinda reminds me of a weird mix of my Dad and Uncle Efren haha.

Bobby Pontillas said...

LOL Jords! Uncle Efren! Thats awesome. Haha man I totally forgot about that Devito character from Matilda, or maybe I had it in my subconscious, thanks for reminding me dude, hope all is well!

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