Thursday, January 4, 2007


So I've decided to put myself through Animation Mentor, starting this Monday! I've actually been wanting to join since it's inception, but didn't have the financial means. Needless to say I'm pretty stoked because A) I've never been in a Mentor/Mentee learning situation. Which,besides just sitting down and doing it, I think is the best way to grow. And B) And this might sound a little strange, it's gonna be nice to get into a "classroom type" environment again. I'm all about that good stuff, continued education with a bunch of other students, gettin your work critiqued, I kind of miss it AISeattle was only two years man!

My mentor for the first quater is Ray Chase, Presently of Reel FX, he worked on Ant Bully and Jimmy Neutron amongst other films. So I'll be posting the stuff I do for AM, and all the stuff I learn, here, so brace yourself!


Furious Peter Hon said...

I was thinking about this too, but I may need to wait until I find actual work before I can apply.

A affordable alternative is Keith Lango's Animation Personal Trainer. Anyway, keep us posted on how the classes go. I'm REAL curious..... :)

Bobby Pontillas said...

Will do Peter, how long have you been doing Keith's classes?

Furious Peter Hon said...

Oh, I haven't taken the classes yet.

Just listing an alternative. Anyway, gotta go help the wife with some stuff.

You keep animating like a madman, and people stay happy, alright? :D

cheryl said...

You go Bobby! I love and support you all the way!!! You make us so proud!

THe FaMilY!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey thanks hon! Good luck on breaking that wii tennis record, I know thats what you're doing right now!