Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So I've been cruisin the campus alot recently, checkin out mentors critiques of students work, and by far the one thing that is brought up the most is simplification.

"You these 4 main poses, narrow them to two." "Stay in this pose and work in it." " You have too many ideas in the shot, narrow them down to two, so that you are just going from idea a to idea b." " That movement doesn't need to be there."

Something I'm completely guilty of .


RoB said...

Hi Bobby,

I am glad I ran into your blog/website! Awesome Work! Great to read that you just started AM! Its an awesome school. Well, I guess I will see you on the AM pages. Great work!


Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Rob,

Thanks for checkin in, how much AM do you have left?

Ziv Kitlaro said...

Hi Bobby - Great stuff.
The "KISS" principle:

"Keep It Simple, Stupid"

Glad to be AM classmate!

Ziv Kitlaro

Bobby Pontillas said...

Ziv! good to meet you man, thanks for stopping in and I'll see you round the campus.

Bobby Pontillas said...

hot picture btw.