Monday, January 22, 2007


The assignment is to pose out Stu in an excited pose. These are some crude ideas. Hopefully I can keep comin up with better ones later.
I've been "sitting in" on some e-critiques Randy Haycock (Aladdin, Clayton from Tarzan, Kida from Atlantis) has for his students and the things he's always mentioning he wants from drawings are a sense of what the character is doing, and how he/she feels about what they're doing. Damn! I dont know why but that just completely struck a chord for me, just then. Like, why did that just completely make sense to me, only now? The hell if I know. So alright, I'm going to push TRY to get that in my drawings from here on out, wish me luck.

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samacleod said...

Those are SWEET drawings!!! And Haycock is the only person to lecture about animation and make me cry!!! Awesome guy.