Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ArenaGirl Voting Begins!

Yes! Voting has started for your favorite fist-a-cuffs card girl!
So head on over to the Fist-a-Cuffs blog and cast a vote for your favorite flaming hula-hoop, belly dancing chica this side of the blog-o-sphere!

Note, you have to have a complete blogger account to vote!


Kristian Antonelli said...

i'm afraid i'm going to have to leave a typical blogger comment, but i really mean are one heck of a artist. what a cool style and wonderful draughtmanship. superbo!

adam carbin said...

The hotness. I like how she is "dressed down" from the faca pic.

RAWLS said...

Great stuff man! Love your style. I was gonna go into FACA as well..but what usually happens to me lately, I was too busy and too late to time though. Keep up the great work!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks guys I appreciate it!

Francis Vallejo said...

great work and slick lines!!