Saturday, October 13, 2007


I've been wanting to do a drawing of Manny Pacquiao for a while. I figured nows a good a time as any considering his win over Barerra last week!


Dan said...

Hey Bobby,

Sent you an email, but not sure you got it. In case you didn't just wanted to let you know I haven't heard anything new about the tutoring yet. Although I would expect to in the next week or 2.

Hope you're doing well.


idrawgirls said...

What's UP!? NICE!

Bobby Pontillas said...


Matt said...

Bobby! Is this the same homeboy who knocked the crap outta that one dude when you threw that party?

When are we doing dinner? I'm pretty upset with you considering all the leisure time you find yourself with these days. :-)

That's right...I use emoticons now.