Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Again with the ladies?! Yes I'm afraid so. This week, Barbarella, for this weeks Sketchwich. The topic is futuristic.Her wingman.

Still keeping busy w/ work, life, waiting for the tutorship, & trying to squeeze in some drawing time whenever I can! I get a little antsy when I don't have any personal projects, art or otherwise, going on outside of work, and it just feels a little weird for me to go to sleep early.

And on a bit of a random note, I just realized I have 353 art blogs currently bookmarked/subscribed to!! Jeeze!! They range from 3D animators to 2D illustrators, students to pros to superstars, to people whose art I'm not even sure I like so much but I like what they have to say about things.

I wonder if looking at so much art is doing more good or bad. What do you mean bad, how could that be bad? Well I mean bad as in, the inevitable, perpetual comparison of my work to theirs. Which, at times for me, breeds just as much discouragment as much as it does inspiration. There is just SO MUCH GOOD stuff out there, it can get overwhelming! But I guess that's why an artist's best work is always his/her most personal. Picasso always had his own way of doing things, AND he had the balls to put his whole life out on display!

Reminds me of something that Maurice Noble said, "Everything has been done before, you just have to do it your own way."

Whoa! Sorry to get to introspective on this blog! Thats a rarity!


ben m said...

Those are awesome! Great designs!

Marcelo Vignali said...

I love Barbarella! Great looking style.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Wow thanks Marcelo! I'm extremely humbled to have to check out my work,
I'm a huge fan of your stuff!