Friday, January 11, 2008

A Gamble

On Roy Disney and the features:
"He was wrong most of the time. The only time he might have been right was with Fantasia. It was a gamble. They were all gambles. Anybody who tries to do anything great is gambling. " -Bill Peet

Amen Brother!

The whole Bill Peet interview here


Chris Palmer said...

Hey Bobby, thanks for posting the interview. Good read, and it puts some things into perspective. I just watched a film on Walt Disney's life the other night and wondered about the strike with the studio in '41.

Oh, just thought I'd mention, I think the quote that you have is referring to Roy, not Walt Disney.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey thanks for the heads up Chris. Yeah its always cool to hear some perspective of the earlier disney movies from people, other than the upper-echelon animators.