Thursday, January 24, 2008

A little more progress, A little less Stephen.

Here's a revised blocking on my shot even though the tutorship w/ Stephen is over. Although he said to keep sending WIP's his way , which I thought that was really cool.

I look back at the work I did for the tutorship and cant help but feel like I didn't "bring it" like I wanted to! I certainly couldn't have worked any harder. But I knew I wanted to zero in on acting , specifically characters interacting, cause thats what I felt I needed the most improvement on. And who better to get that kind of feedback from than a Pixar animator right?
One of the biggest things I'll take away from my time w/ Stephen is the idea of striving of a certain level of sophistication in your animation. And there are alot of elements that go into achieving that. He breaks down what some of those "elements" are here. I tell everyone that Stephen has set his standards extremely high for what he feels like is the good stuff, and it was cool to be able to tap into that .

I'm back to my "trying to stay as productive" routine of animating during the day at work, squeezing in some drawing during lunch, coming home and working on my shot until about 3-ish. I don't think I can sleep before 3 comfortably. I dont know when that started happening, but I always feel like I have to have something going on, and get really antsy when I dont. Which made 2007 just fly by!


Dan said...

Hey man

Im right there with you on tryin to squeeze everything in.

Often times I'm up til 3 as well working on my own stuff. The lack of distractions during those hours really help. And if I go to sleep any earlier I end up layin there awake THINKIN about what I can/should be doing. HAHA

Anyways great work on your assignments, and lets stay in touch through crits of each others work.

Good luck and talk to you soon!


WaiLik said...

Hey Bobby, I don't know if you know about this site, but it's like youtube for animators. check it out when you can. take care,

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Dude... I start AM in March!

Oh yeah!

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Nice blocking by the way. Sorry, I was a little distracted ;)

Keep it up. Is Stephen going to give you any more help on this one?

Matt said...

Hey Bobby! You're right, you do update this thing all the time. Only had time to look at this like twice.

I'd have her look less annoyed and more bored by his interruption in the beginning and then build in to slight irritation. But still never take him or his presence seriously. Her tone is pretty much the same thru out right now.

Also, when she's putting on her make up I'd have her look stage left so you can get more solid silhouettes from her. Have more a chance for her to have some snappy fun and confident animation to contrast with his nervous twitchiness.

Just some first thoughts.

Chris Palmer said...

nice blocking, bobby. I really like the posing of the guy character.

i agree with Matt in that you might want to explore her building irritation, the whole "is this idiot still talking to me?" mentality. but i think you already have a nice mesh of making her not so expressive as to take our attention away from the nervousness of the guy, while still making us glance over to her to catch her non-reaction to his offer.

it's looking really good. the interaction between two characters is so difficult.

Bobby Pontillas said...

hey matt, chris!

thanks for takin a look and thanks for your feedback!