Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!

I had a great vacation. Hope you did too. Alot of time spent with my fiance,friends, family. Not a lot of drawing or animation done unfortunately, but here are some things we did do, in random order:

-I finally got to see the Wu-Tang Clan perform (12 years in the making!)
-I went to my first Sonics game. We walked away with the W (against the worst team in the NBA, and Durant sprained his wrist, but still.)
-The Patriots went 16-0. I celebrated.
-Picked up Rock Band!
-My countdown to New Years was actually about 15 minutes off. WTF? When was the last time you had some one tell you that.
- I got some really awesome family portraits painted by Cheryl's sister for Christmas, maybe I'll scan and post them.
- Caught up with a lot of old friends from Bremerton/Silverdale, at the War Room.
-Finally got into Heroes. Pretty good stuff, if you muscle past the cheesy first episodes. Also got the 3rd season of Lost for Christmas (Thanks Ev!) But didnt get around to watching it.
-Out of all the movies I wanted to see, I only Caught Sweeney Todd. Which was pretty good, though I didnt expect a musical, I know, ridiculous.
- Yuji Okumoto (the bad guy from Karate Kid 2) made us drinks at his restaurant, Kona Kitchen!

I'm really looking forward to this year.
I'm getting to go to my first Seahawks game this saturday, which is a playoff game! Nice ! Yes! Aaaand my 10 year high school reunion is this year, holy crap no.

With all the great holiday cards we've gotten this years, I offer you my embarrasingly unfinished holiday card that I couldnt finish before vacation!It's supposed to be Cheryl and I being pulled along on a sled by my two pups. Charming? Unfunny? Downright cruel? Why are those pups so huge? Sorry, I promise to work more on my storytelling skills this year!

I'll be posting more WIP's of my assignment with Stephen soon. Our last session is now on the 14th!


Dan said...

Happy New Year Bobby.

Stuffs looking great, although not sure it's cool that you celebrated the Pats goin 16-0.

Was at the game and it was pretty exciting that the Giants almost pulled an upset. Woulda made MY year.

Oh well.

Anyways. To a Great Year! All the best to you and your fam.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks Dan, likewise! And I hear ya, That too wouldve been cool. But man, 1972?! Thats an awful long time.