Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Diggin in the Crates. Ish.

All this talk about Disney possibly coming back to traditional animation made me want to go back and find some of the stuff I did when I was pretty hardcore 2d, I still love it, but obviously don't get to do it all day like before. These were some sketches I did from a short film a couple of art school buddies and I wanted to make after we graduated back in 2001. The film was gonna be a take off on Little Red Riding Hood, pretty original I know but hey. We obviously didn't end up finishing but we had done tons of designs, boards, and even some bg mockups. I forget why we stopped meeting and workin on it. Life and other things got in the way I guess, pesky life. Good times though. Anyway, Here's to my art school buddies and a trip down memory lane !

Some Inga (Little Red) designs

Hans' "how to" sheet.

Silly poses.

Would I go back and try traditional animation again if I had the chance? Hm. Hell to the yeah. I'm super duper rusty right now, but man, there is absolutely nothing like seeing your scribbly pencil tests start to come to life. It's unbelievably hard, and I dont think I ever got the chance to get really good at it. Juggling draftsmanship, motion mechanics, AND acting was kind of overwhelming for me. But shoot man, when you occasionally got it to move well and not look horrible, it was a high!


Bobby Pontillas said...

I didnt know Caroline was doing animation tests with them, wow she never showed me. Man she seemed to pick up animation really quickly.

Haha, I loved living in the pencil test room those last quaters. Did you know that our 3d teachers started just letting us do 2d assignments and turn them in for 3d classes?

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