Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Walt Disney Animation Studios

When I was at the Art Institute of Seattle ten years ago, I quite honestly had no clue as to what I wanted to for a living.  Probably like a lot of us, I just knew I wanted to "do something in art."  

Right then,  I started to come across the work that Disney was doing at the time, and in a flash became inspired to begin to pursue animation.  Quite obsessively actually.   I felt like a total slacker in high school, but animation just ignited something in me and all of a sudden I wanted to... wait for it... work hard!  What?! I now had this pie-in-the-sky dream of being a Disney Animator.  

Since then, I've had the good fortune to do a lot of things in this industry,  and I'm forever grateful for every experience I've been blessed with, good and bad.  I've had some amazing experiences w/ amazing people that I wouldn't change for anything.  What helped me pull through the bad was remembering what changed my life in the first place, and why I even wanted to do this.  So, as you can imagine, I feel extremely lucky to say that I've accepted a position as a Character Animator for the Walt Disney Animation Studios, working on their next feature film, Wreck-It Ralph!

It's still pretty surreal to say it.  And I know it's not cool to be this geeky when you're a already a professional, but man,  I GREW UP ON THIS STUFF!

Wish me luck because I'll need it!  Blue Sky Family!  You've all been awesome and the pleasure was all mine.  Thanks for your support everyone!