Friday, September 28, 2012

Last day

Our Supervising Animator on Ralph, and the man who thought it might be a good idea to hire me, Renato Dos Anjos, on our official last day on Ralph animation.

Also, if you plan on goin to CTN this year, please stop by the Disney booth and say hi!  I'll be reviewing demo reels!  See you then.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

End credits

After animation production on Ralph wrapped, a small team of animators worked on a special gift for you at the end of the movie!
Here's a nice sneak peek write up about what it is :

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to School!

Some news with me!  Now that we've finished animating on Wreck-it Ralph, I'm going to be taking a step away from animation for a bit, and am pursuing an artist position in Visual Development!  I was lucky enough to be selected for a spot in Disney's Talent development program, starting this fall.  In addition to our portfolios, internal applicants were asked to do an art test.  Here is some of the work I completed, based on the Don Quixote stories.  Very, very much inspired by my recent trip to Spain!   And a big thank you to Katia Grifols for all of her help and giving me a hard time!

 This black cat came up to me in El Rompido, in the south of Spain, which inspired my Dulcinea!
Costume and personality inspired by the Carmen showing we saw in Madrid.
Stealing from my hero, Pablo Picasso.
Standing in front of Guernica was truly amazing.
Thanks for checkin it out!  Wish me luck and I'll try not to let you down!