Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pete & Rachel

2 artists I hold in very high regard, animator Pete Paquette and vis-dev artist Rachel Tiep-Daniels ,had their last days at Blue Sky last friday.  Here are drawings I did of them to let them know how awesome I think they are.
7/27 update,  I'm just gonna keep adding to this while we're here.  Good luck Bobby Huth!

Brian Menz.  Good luck, I guess.

Paul Diaz.  Just, just go...
You cut me deep Vadim

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tell Her This

Hey everyone, thanks for all of the kind comments!  
In the spirit of all these NY posts, here is a one sheet  I did this weekend for an upcoming short film called "Tell Her This".  It's being directed by my friends/co-workers Greg Rizzi & Jerod Chirico.  Thanks for the opportunity guys!