Friday, April 20, 2007

See you in a bit

I'm headin off to the Philippines for about 2 weeks this friday! I've tried to make it a thing to go annually, so I dont miss my little cousins growin up. Theres so many and they're growin up so fast! And for those who know what it is, we're scheduled to go to WoWoWee on the 9th ! So look for me screaming in the background. I'll be armed with my sketchbook so hopefully I can bring back some stuff. Also I should be starting up AM again after so I'll be posting that work again.

So I'll see you when I get back, until then I'll leave you with this little gem of a collabo between My beautiful fiance and I.
Thanks for stoppin by!
Biscuit by Cheryl Jacob
Color by me

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


A drawing I'm doing for a good friend. One of three!

Peeps at 24 hour fitness Lynnwood.

Passed these twins on the way to the restroom, they reminded me of a freaky Nelson. I felt like they wanted me to check them out so I went out of my way to not to. Kind of like when someone in their car bumps their speakers because they want to turn heads, and you dont just to spite them!
I like to think they walk in unison too.Two guys that were getting their Jiu-Jitsu on in a the corner!

Every gym has one.

I know right? Super nice dude though.

More to come! There are too many great characters at this gym! Why did I just realize this now?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Toilet Humor

Very recently, a few employees at ArenaNet have been putting up comic strips in the bathroom for our reading pleasure. Now those who know me, know I enjoy a good chuckle while on the can, but sometimes this can and has made for some uncomfortable moments.


More more more practice with design, color, photoshop brushes, you name it. Cause heaven knows I need it. Nowadays I usually just sketch at my desk between animating and go on and color it at home. Once again, the sartorialist a resource for this one. I'm trying to get better at controlling shapes and push to cartoonier proportions. As I think alot of my stuff is playing it safe for the most part.

I'm also starting up a new dialogue test soon, so hopefully I can keep a steady stream of traditional stuff coming too.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

just some sketches...

Just some silly scribbly sketches from last week.

People I might've seen somewheres.Cheryl asleep on the couch.
Grindhouse drawings of course! What a boy thing to do. Anways the movie was wicked! Highly recommended! Much more than just hubba hubba moments. Although it has those in spades=). I seem to be in the minority, but I even like the dialogue-heavy scenes, where the camera is just moving around characters chatting at the table. Very Tarantino, very entertaining stuff.

My claim to fame baby!

I also updated and re-organized the content in the traditional work section in my sidebar to include some newer stuff, fixed some broken links, added newer life drawings etc etc.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


So Cheryl and I got to catch Meet the Robinsons the other night! I say it was pretty good! Story wise, we felt the pacing in the first half (or so) of the movie was a bit frantic and akward, but I enjoyed the end and how they tied all of the elements together, it made for a really satisfying conclusion. I'm no expert by any means, but I feel they could've spent more time fleshing out exposition in the beginning and in a few other sections, and less on random, unrelated-to-the-story gag scenes. That would've helped the pacing and made the whole cake sit together better. Cake.
Art Direction Design was great as I expected! With the exception of a few secondary characters,I thought Joe Moshier's designs translated extremely well to 3D. Standouts were Goob, Bowler Hat Guy, Wilbur's mom Franny, and the Gym teacher.

Animation wise, I thought there were some great over-the-top performances from Bowler Hat Guy, and Goob was super appealing. Bowler Hat Guy man, soo good. I loved every time he was on screen. Although I felt the voice-acting overall, especially in the lead characters, left a little to be desired.
All in all, pretty enjoyable film. Congrats to all who worked on it! I'd recommend it and would watch it again, maybe in 3D this time?!
Oh yeah I got a real kick out of the new Disney Animation logo. There's that photoreal Walt Disney bit of the castle, but they have a brand spankin new Feature Animation logo bit that was awesome!

wake up

Sleeping in saturdays don't bode well with the pups.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Hey all! I felt compelled to do this after being turned on to and listening to Rodrigo Y Gabriela (all day) from the recommendation by some good friends of mine. Have you ever seen someone so good at their craft that it makes you want to be that much better at what you do ? Check out these two get down on this video of them on Dave Letterman. Soo bad ass.