Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh so what, You're making a film now?..

...Dude tooootally!

My new mentor for short film class at Animation Mentor is ...
Mark Pudleiner ! He's perfect for me right now because Mark has spent time doing both 2D and 3D animation, and storyboarding. He's now animating at Ken Duncan's studio. Check out his blogsite for some awesome work in all 3 disciplines. And here is his animation career in a nutshell.

I know right?!

Speaking of my short film. Things are finally starting to begin to get started. And guess what? I already have deleted scenes!! Tons of them! Let me explain, the way it worked was, week 1, we had to pitch 3 ideas. Though on our break, I had thought of a story with 2 characters I really wanted to tell. I plotted out beatboards, and turned it in. First feedback I get, its waaay too long ( no suprises there), and the short has to be around 30 seconds. So after brainstorming with Van, an awesome and super helpful AM student. We come up with a way to take the epic, take a good chunk and just tell that part, and have it still feel like a short of sorts.

Anyway, here were the first pass rough beats for the aforementioned "epic". I still kinda like the story, so maybe someday still, when I have an army of more talented animators.
Uhhh. whats with the numbers? Glad you asked! Here is the outline that corresponds with the visuals! If you are so inclined.
The short short that ended up spawning out of this, and that we start boarding this week, will be what I'm working on all term. I also mentioned before that it'll be in 2D, which I havent done in forever! Are you scared? Cause I am!

Stay tuned for the pandemonium!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today for lunch....

More Rem & Pen!

And Panda Express.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Remington and Penelope

So its still early in development, but these are most likely going to be the stars of my short film. Remington the little zombie boy, and Penelope!