Wednesday, August 15, 2012

100 %

Ralph animation crew, w/ our director Rich Moore and producer Clark Spencer

Well time flies, last Saturday we reached 100 % done on animation for Wreck-it Ralph!  

I can´t wait for you all to see it.  Growing up on these films,  I feel like it brings something fresh to the table and has the heart that comes with the Disney classics.  I´m lucky to have been a part of it, and it goes without saying that it was an honor to work with this crew and to be a part of this legacy.  I remember a bunch of us new guys went up to Glen Keane at his going away toast.  We told him that we were animating on Ralph, he looked at us, put his hand on Isaak´s shoulder and said, 
"The new generation."
I really feel that guys like Glen are passing the torch to all of us, no matter what studio, students especially.  He stood on the shoulders of giants, without simply repeating what they did.  That generation had something to say and did it their own way.  We took that inspiration and now it´s our time to step up and push this medium forward!

 This was the "A" in ANIMATION that was formerly in front of the hat.  Glen signed the top on his last day. 

Crew signing of the Wreck-it Ralph posters. 

The animation crew in the hat building´s lobby. 
Gathering up for the crew pic

The back of our crew shirt.  Each animator on the team was to caricature his or her officemate.

And this, just because I love pictures of old- timey California. How tiny IS this team.  And look how dapper everyone is!