Monday, March 25, 2013

Wreck it Ralph Reel

Bobby Pontillas- Wreck it Ralph Reel from Bobby Pontillas on Vimeo.

Here is all of the work I did last year on Wreck-it Ralph!  My 2012
in a nutshell. Man I feel so fortunate to have worked on this Disney film.
I've said it before but Rich Moore was amazing to work for, and I can't
sing his praises enough.  He was always the one laughing in dailies
the most, and I just always felt that he was so excited to be here.

So thanks to him, the Supes, and Mike Gabriel for making it such a
wonderful experience for us.  To Disney Animation!

Thanks for watching!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Here's a little piece I got to do for Gennie Rim's GR Works!  The creature's name is BlahBlahpeePlopoop and was created by Ramses Zepeda.  I hope he likes it.

Now that the Talent Development program has ended I'll have more things to post! (It was as amazing/inspiring/push-you-to-your-limits challenging as you might guess, but more on that later!)  I had both Bill Schwab and Minkyu Lee as mentors.  I'm not sure what I did to become so lucky.

Since the program occupied so much of my time the past 6 months, I want to go back and share the work that I did and the experiences that I had , with you.  That will all happen once I get the artwork signed off on from Disney HR.  So come back for it soon!  Also, I'm working on compiling the work I did for Wreck -it Ralph, and I'll post it up tomorrow.  Til then, let's enjoy the rest of our Sunday friends!