Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Whew, last post of the year! I'm gearing up for animation on my film for my final term, which starts on the 4th. I've been solidifying and locking down designs on the break. ( And catching up on 30 Rock, so good!) So here are parts of the turnarounds for my 2 stars, Remington and Penelope!
Also as a bonus I'll share with you guys this totally charming present Cheryl received from her sister , Vanessa! Hahaha! I love it so much!Have a safe and fun New Years everybody! See you next year...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays...

.....To you and yours! Looks like someone's been a bit naughty this year!

And if there's anyone still following along, I've finally added a soundtrack to my short film ! It's spotty in places, but that's only because I'm terrible with scoring, turns out. Bonus points if you can guess where the music is from !
...And with that another term comes to an end. It flew by like always but I felt like I've learned a lot. Finally even learned the basics of Flash which I've wanted to do for years! Next term is supposed to be all animation, which means I'm still scared to death!

Thanks for all of your comments on it so far. And a big big thanks to Mark Pudleiner for being a constructive, accomodating mentor, and helping me to make it better every week.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Hey guys! For those interested, here's the latest pass of what my short film is looking like. Quite a few changes since my last post, and right now its a mixed bag of revised storyboards and layouts. And to be honest, I'm a little insecure in my abilities to make strong backgrounds, so I'm taking a simple approach with them! I feel like its all starting to take shape. And like I said, our term is starting to work on layouts, which means everyone's starting to make the jump to 3D. So there's a little sense of isolation for me. But friends in my term stay super helpful and seem genuinely excited to see a traditional short in progress.

I've also been learning the value of showing it to as many of my peers as I can. I've not only incorporated ideas from my mentor, but from other students at AM, friends at work, blog commenters.

So thanks for all of your comments on the last pass. I really get a lot out of them. And as always, your thoughts, good or bad, are welcomed again! Encouraged even!

Thanks for takin a look!

**Heres a shot of Mark and I in class, going over the finer points of short filmmaking. Screenshot from Tom Lubanovic's blog.
In other random news, heres a sketch I did tonight to get away from the film for a bit. Such a cool character, And I dont even really like Lucy Liu.

Yup, its Uncle Manny fight night again this weekend, probably his biggest one yet versus Oscar DelaHoya! So I thought I do a quick ditty to keep with tradition.Go Pacquiao!