Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays...

.....To you and yours! Looks like someone's been a bit naughty this year!

And if there's anyone still following along, I've finally added a soundtrack to my short film ! It's spotty in places, but that's only because I'm terrible with scoring, turns out. Bonus points if you can guess where the music is from !
...And with that another term comes to an end. It flew by like always but I felt like I've learned a lot. Finally even learned the basics of Flash which I've wanted to do for years! Next term is supposed to be all animation, which means I'm still scared to death!

Thanks for all of your comments on it so far. And a big big thanks to Mark Pudleiner for being a constructive, accomodating mentor, and helping me to make it better every week.


Agnes Salek said...

This looks real nice! The music fits it quite well :D Good job!

I think if you attached pictures of them on dates and so on during the ending credits it'd be a really cute little touch <3

Also, that picture of santa you've got up there reminds me of Rare Exports Inc. (

Brittney Lee said...

Hey Bobby,

This is absolutely lovely, great job!

Music = Edward Scissorhands?

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks Agnes! That would be super cute. It could even be over time until they grow old together! Except he probably wouldnt age, I dunno. Maybe he can age backwards Benjamin Button style.

Brittney! You are a true soundtrack aficionado! Thanks for checking it out!

Unknown said...

wow, that short is looking really, umm, cute! And the music fits perfectly. It already a solid piece of animation!

Happy holidays to you! And greeting from not so snowy Helsinki.

C.B. Canga said...

super cool designs here. nice work on this blog

RAWLS said...

I'm guessing all he wants for Christmas is brains!
Nice work my friend, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Josh Parpan said...

Wow, amazing stuff Bobby!

10ske said...

Awesome Bobs! you out do yourself... where's that turnaround for the girl you were going to send me... lol. See you next Saturday.

Pointpusher said...

Great update Bobby, the music and sound fx really add to the piece. Keep on keepin' on and happy holidays!

Josh Riley said...

This short is going to be awesome. Your story reel has some seriously professional execution. Cant wait to see it animated! ps. zombies rule.

Katy Hargrove said...

I'm with Agnes! ^_^

Really like the way this short has come together. I'm guessing you are still adding some to the audio already, but that shot of the head with the flies needs buzzing so bad for the stinkiness to shine.

Eka said...


Great choice of music and fx. You have some serious chops!

Joe Bluhm said...

Very cool stuff, Bobby.

Lindsey Lydecker said...

haha thats fantastic. I love your style so much :]

Anonymous said...


kopi said...

WOW! I Love it...
and i thing thats good for you >>

THE MOVIE Thank you!

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