Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tutoring w/ Stephen Gregory week 4

So this weeks session had to be postponed til the next, but here is where I currently am; implemented Stephen's changes, still polishing body mechanics, and have yet to move onto facial. It's not there yet, but I feel like its starting to come together. I'm spending alot of time actually slowing down a lot of parts, so its starting to get much longer than its initial 200 frame intention. But I really feel like this doesnt work unless I allocate the right amount of frames to keep things still.

**Update: I polished mechanics alot more and made passes at facial animation. Still have to iron out a lot of arcs.

So I was talking about James Baxter last week. If you wanna to see some beautiful 2D animation of the highest quality (and get in touch w/ your inner princess) check out Enchanted! Baxter's studio did the 2D animation and it is some seriously amazing stuff! The look was real Art-Noveau, Alphonse Mucha inspired, which worked really well. As usual, I made Cheryl stay after w/ me to watch the end credits and see who the animators were and it was just this superstar list of 2D guys like Andreas Deja, Mark Henn, Rune Bennicke, Jakob Jensen and more. It was great to see that caliber of traditional animation of the big screen again!

**Update: James Baxter Animation posted their Enchanted Reel online. Check it out Hurry!


Dennis DeMercer said...

Dude, those notes were amazing! He is a freaking rock star!

This is looking really good. Great eyes on that first part. They communicate a lot of character.

keep it up!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Dennis!

yeah man, those sessions are jam packed with great information. I'd spend the whole time just taking down notes but I feel like I should make eye contact once in a while.

I hope you can get into the next session!

Lindsay said...

Your animation is starting to look great! Just be careful of her final eye pose... its looking a little wonky. :) I'm so happy you got in with Stephen, he's a friend and pretty much awesome!

Martin Wittig said...

This is looking really nice!:)

Bobby Pontillas said...

Lindsay- Thanks for takin a look, I agree w/ you about the eye pose so I tweaked it a bit. And yes, hes pretty awesome. He's really set his sights high for what he feels like is great, sophisticated animation. Its great to be able to tap into that.

Martin- Thanks alot man I appreciate it! I love your work.

Jason Newkirk said...

this is awesome man. It's great you are getting to do this, your work is improving by leaps and bounds. I need this... :D hah

Keep the updates a coming, they are great to read.

Kristian said...

i really love this.. it has great acting. his realisation that shes clocked him is fabulous.

Dan said...

Thanks Bobby,

Yeah I am playin a lil catch up with the posting...but it's great to see others work too.

Later pal

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