Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Return of Thu Night Life Drawing...and art bloggery.

Taters managed to arrange life drawing @ ArenaNet this thursday once again ! We get great models here, I'm not used to getting so many great ones in a row. Here are some of what I could come up with tonight, for better or for worse! I think it's apparent that I've been searching way too many art blogs lately. And bloglines doesn't help the situation either. I don't care, there is too much good shizzle out there. Me and my co worker Matt Tate seriously have like, 3 to 400 art blogs bookmarked collectively. Every morning its like, "Damn you Nick Suuuuuung." or " Aw yeah HandDrawnNomad gimme the good stuff." Depending on the day, this either inspires me or makes want to cry.

The exception being Keith Lango, that guy is always inspiring.

Our model, I can't remember her name, Kendra I think. Apparently she looks like Madame Getreau, not really.


More Quickies.

What am I even doing with these , who knows.

That is all!

Have a great weekend!