Monday, August 27, 2007

AM Assignment 3- Blocking

Blocking for the last assignment of this class! Got some beef with how this is coming out? Please lemme know!

**After a couple of iterations I've uploaded a version of this one in polish phase! Yeah boy!


Dan said...

Hey Bobby,

Looks great so far, and you're earlier works looking great too.

As far as crit on this, seems a little odd the little kid is throwing his head back at around frame 211. If you are going for the "Weeeee..." moment, that'll work later but he still needs to follow the force of gravity....also might be nice to gradually slow down the climb up as the dad goes off screen to show some tired ness....and then exaggerate the stop and go motion through the child in order to increase the tension of the snapping of the rope...

just my two cents...nice work and keep it up!


Bobby Pontillas said...

hey dan! Thanks for your input man, really appreciate it. Great suggestions, especially about the stop and go motion to increase the tension.

Dan said...

No problem! Keep it up!


Dennis DeMercer said...

That's awesome Bobby! I love the length of the pause before you see the guy running (falling) down the hill. Perfect. Maybe when you're putting the finishing touches on it you could put a little bird chirping in the background before you hear the frantic steps of him running back down.

Love it! Can't wait to see more.

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