Friday, February 22, 2008


For the win, this weekend!

**At least Juno lost to another great movie in No Country For Old Men. And, I love Pixar just as much as you do, but I was really hoping for Persepolis to take home the Oscar.

I usually dont talk about work stuff on here for obvious reasons, but last week at work I was privileged enough to see a character design of mine modeled out in 3D, for the first time ever! Excuse my newbish-ness, but it was so thrilling! I was really taken aback. To take a 2D drawing and being able to realize it in 3D without loosing anything is truly an artform. Especially when its done well. In my case, by the incomparable Tony Thai. The whole project this guy has been spot on bringing the designs to life in 3D. So big ups to him! Awesome job man!


Mike Frenette said...

Bwhahaha!! that's awesome. I haven't seen the movie yet but i hear great things!

Andy Conroy said...

I haven't seen it either but I dig this little drawing!

XAV said...

fantastic ! i like your drawing and i like the movie.

10ske said...

that drawing of Juno is awesome, I can't wait till we start our lunch sketch-offs, you are probably gonna kick our asses as usual. thx for the plug. your character design was just great.. I can't wait to model the other ones you made!

Wile E. Wilster said...

3d model, sounds greeatt! be amazing if we get to see it whenever the chance arrives.

Unknown said...

i loved that movie ... and this piece is amazing too!

benton jew said...

Great caricature! Like the simple style. Captures Ellen Page dead on. Likewise with your Kimbo Slice!


Ray Lederer said...

Aw man that's awesome Bobby!

Bianca Siercke said...

Awesome drawings on your blog! I LOVE this one of Juno.

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