Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Dialogue *wip*

This is what I've been working on, outside of work work. Not too much to say this early on, except that I love this piece of dialogue. I wanted to get into some juicy, dark, serious acting. Since I never am any of the latter two. *wink*.
I'm also trying to take more time to do as much prep work as I can, top chef-style. And man, that included everything from scribbling on paper, shooting numerous clips of video reference, studying actors I admire that fall along the lines of this character, asking my fiance what she thinks. Every time out of the gate I want to make sure I shaking things up as far as my approach goes. This stuff takes sooo long and is such hard work that I wanna make sure I'm learning a little something.

Mapping out the idea, with a general idea of the character's attitude.

Embarassing Video Reference:
Trying to get specific.
A big thing I've learned this time around is that it helps me when I shoot reference for everything, like ev-er-ry little thing. Well so like this for instance, theres a specific gesture I wanted to hit on "today". I was well into blocking in 3D already and I just could not get it to work! So frustrating! So I was like f*ck it, I need to know what the hell my arm is really doing, so I shot it right there, frame-by-framed it, and was like , ooooooooooooh. I did that again for so many different parts.

So after initial blocking pass and feedback from my mentor, heres where it stands so far, kind of at a blocking plus stage:
*Updated 06/16*
Deep into splines!
Still have a ways to go, so I'll be updating as it comes along. I'm always open to feedback. You have the power to save this animation from being crappy! Haha. But seriously, If you've stopped by my space on AM to leave me your thoughts and feedback, thanks man!


Anonymous said...

That's really great! I enjoy watching the reference video, the thumbnail sketches and the quips about the things that you go through in your workflow. It's really enjoyable and as an aspiring character animator, I really appreciate it. I think so far everything looks pretty good. Can't wait to see what else you've got cooking for this. If you get a chance check out my website: Maybe give me some pointers as I come along. Thanks!

Dan said...

Hey Pal

Nice work!
Looking great so main crit right now would be that I feel a lil disconnected in the beginning when his back is to us and saying "we could become cops or criminals"

It looks like you have a great lil gesture/moment though, but it is so limited seeing only a bit of his have, and most of the back of the head. I dunno, maybe its just me, but maybe if you simplify it a bit and not have him walking all around the chair...but standing still with both hands on the back of it when he starts speakin....then when he says .."but today" you can achieve a similar beat as what you have now, but instead he "pushes off" the chair to walk around to the other side....

just a thought....keep it up though!!


flaviano said...

great! love the "wacky" eye!
the only crit i can say would be about the gesture that follow close the dialog, it's a bit "obvious".
i think for example to gary oldman in batman, he made this dialog in a depression way, or harry dean stanton would do in a tired way, ecc..
i cant identify clear the character attitude.
hope i be clear and helpful, anyway great work!

Andre Barnwell said...

Nice. Yeah Ive gone through the same thing. Its one thing to get the thumbs down and bblocked out properly but its another to get that fluidity and convincing'ness'thats where live reference comes into play.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Whoa! Thanks for the thorough feedback you guys! Appreciate you taking a look.

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