Friday, June 20, 2008

Class3 Progress Reel

This is my latest Animation Mentor progress reel going all the way back to Class 1 ! The opening dialogue piece is a Work In Progress and is supposed to be completed in Class 4. Much thanks to Dave Vallone for a great class.


TJ Phan said...

These are sweet Bobby! I always love the unexpected touches you add to pieces. I always get a laugh out of them.

--The kid on the sled raising his arms up at the end - nice!
--Bowling ball - nice reveal.
--I love the warm-ups from the b-ball player.
--And the ball obstacle course was very slick!

You da man!

Unknown said...

Almost every one of your clips tells a little story with a setup and a punchline. And your characters show real heart. I think it gives your work a real edge over most of the other Mentor reels I've seen online.
(and we've been watching a lot of them at work!)

Excellent work Bobby. Maybe you could come give a lecture at the office!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Mr. Phan, glad you got to check it out man,I'm glad I'm not letting you down. Thanks for your notes on the basketball test, they helped so much even in that late stage.

Haha thanks Trev! I'm stoked that you appreciate the setup/punchline thing dude. And your right on. Last year sometime, I read a transcript of a lecture that Doug Sweetland (the animator they showed drawing Nemo thumbnails in the Pixar story) gave, and he was talking about how most gags are basically made up of 3 components; the setup, twist, and punchline. Which is great because I feel like if the clip (however short it may be) has some sort of little story, its easier to visualize what gestures are appropriate or not. So instead of having a bajillion moves to choose from. You have like , hundreds. Haha, which is still alot, but you've cut out like a.... bajillion minus a hundred.

"Maybe you could come give a lecture at the office!"
Haha Jerk! I hate you?

Paul Lacolley said...

hey bobby, i just found your nice blog! really great design ! that's cool!! ;)

Lianne said...

I love how there's always a little narrative to your animations. And your sense of timing is excellent. Awesome work!

Are you currently doing Animation Mentor? I'm saving up for it, but it might be awhile since I'm still paying off my college debt. So in the meantime, I'm doing research. :)

I just wanted to know what you thought of the experience and also balancing the workload between that and being a full-time animator for a game studio. Are you required to go through the whole curriculum in one shot or can you take breaks in-between semesters? My main concern is if I sign up for these classes, and my studio is then hit with crunch time. I'd like to give my 110% to AM, but crunch might make my work suffer.

It looks like an amazing program, and I've seen nothing but positive reviews coming out of it.

Also, where did you find that lecture transcript from Doug Sweetland? I'd love to give that read.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Pollak thanks for stopping by! Although my stuff cower at the site of yours.

Hey Lianne , about doing AM and working full time. It's hard to balance, and I sleep a lot less, but its all definitely do-able.

I started last year January and have since taken about 3 quaters off here and there, 2 were financially related and 1 was so I could tutor under Stephen Gregory. So they're totally cool with that kind of thing, I know a lot of students taking the summer off.

I found that Doug Sweetland lecture I was talking about! Check it out here: Doug Sweetland animation lecture

Thanks to Mario Furmanczyk for the great write up!

Andy Conroy said...

Hey hey! looks great man! they look nice together!

RAWLS said...

All I have to say is, well done my friend!! Those look really great. You've got a keen eye for timing, character and reaction. All key elements to a great animator. Keep up the great work man. Looks like Anim mentor is a great course.

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