Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Better Off in 3D


Well I just found out from Animation Mentor staff that they wont be able to have me go on with my short film in 2D. Bummer.

I was unaware of this, but AM's decision to go exclusively 3D was made after the school's first year or so. Which is my bad for not knowing. But to be fair, a lot of people didn't, my mentor included. I didn't even give it a thought, because I remembered that there were indeed 2D films that did come out of AM.

They did give me the option of taking a portion of the short, executing it in 3D from here on out, and still have me graduate from the school. Which was very nice of them, to at least extend me that compromise. It's just going to be difficult considering the time I have left. Also impossible considering the severe lack of modeling and rigging skills! Ha!

I don't know, we'll see. I'll have to think fast to figure out what I'm going to end up doing.


**Edit : Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the encouragement. The resource links in the comments section are all VERY much appreciated.

Also thank you very much to those who have written or messaged me volunteering to help in any way. That is an amazing and beautiful gesture from you all.

I've been in talks with the AM Staff and Bobby Beck ( who was extremely sensitive to my situation) last evening and this morning, but it looks like the decision isn't going to change. I did at least put up a fight.

Sooooo, lets figure out a way to shoehorn some 3D into this thing shall we?

BTW, there was another student in my term, Toby Cochran, who was doing a 2D film that is in the same boat as I am. We're kinda tryin to deal with it together. You can check out what he has to say over at his blog.


Bill Robinson said...

Awww, what a bummer! I've been watching your shorts progress and it looked really nice in 2D. I think it would still be great in 3D, though. If you could find someone to model the characters/blendshapes you could use The Setup Machine to rig it in about 10 minutes.


Good luck!

Hammy said...

Maybe you can still modified the AM's rig into your own character? Also, there's Norman Rig now made public. If you can take a little time modifying Norman into looking more like your character, I think you can get away with it.


It's amazing what the students at AAU have done with this rig, I have seen others who also modified it into a rat, a hog, rabbit.

Here are more examples of what the students did with the rig.

I'm also pretty sure there are plenty of other modelers and riggers who would be more than happy to help you out too!

Best of luck with your film!!! :)

Hammy said...

Oops, my bad. Sorry I forgot the 2nd link to the examples. Here you go!


Unknown said...

awww babe that's a shame.
well, the ant eventually eats the elephant...in pieces! I believe in you. love you!

Brittney Lee said...

Oh that is too bad, Bobby! I was super excited to see the short in 2d! Good luck with making a decision on this - I'm sure you will figure it all out.

RAWLS said...

That's strange... I thought it was ANIMATION mentor? Not 3d mentor. I guess classical animation isn't important anymore. However, if they did say that they are strickly 3d, then I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Don't they teach you 3d? Seems strange. I know you can get some simple characters, modeled and rigged from 11 second club.
All the best my friend... Just push your way through it and make it the best you can. It may very well be a great learning curve for ya!

Emil said...

I've been following the progress of your supposed- 2D short and they look really good!
Well, I think you can save a lot of time by playing around with the Norman rig. Just mold parts of his body to better resemble your characters and model some simple clothing for him. That should save you about two weeks of modeling and rigging from scratch.
I hope you'll manage to finish the short eventually somehow...
All the best! :)

Toby Cochran said...

Since they are doing this to you and me man, I say we put in some sweet 3D clounds and 3D backgrounds... lol

Remember that test with Glene Keane with John Lasseter? Where the wild things are?

we will see what happens!

Jason Newkirk said...

dude! that sucks!!!! The 2d was looking awesome....Even knowing you could do it in 3d, it still has to sting a bit, that they wont let you complete it that way....sorry to hear dude...either way your work kicks butt! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

That is terrible mate. Sorry to hear about this. If you've come this far I don't see what the big deal is to just let you finish in 2D.

They sponsor sites like the 11 second club , which has 2D WINNERS all the time !


Unknown said...

as one of AM guys who did 2d i really feel like this is an uber crappy deal.Especially for how far you got with it.

I think by goin 2d I limited my self by doin it. But i think I got more respect for even tryin it. Mine was really lame in comparison to yours bobby, but it got me my foot in the door as an animator for a living ( which I thought was the point of schooling ) and I can only imagine the heartache gettin as far as you did..
If I was told I couldnt do 2d at the point where youre at with it I would have lost my mind. At the start...not so much. Best of luck to you bro!
I know your gonna pull off some amazing shiz anyways. cause thats how you roll

Tapan Gandhi said...

thats a little bit.. well, i don't wanna offend anyone.. but the word i'm looking for rhymes with "Betarded"

i was soooo looking forward to ur film in 2D, but i know u'll figure out a way to make it work :)

best of luck to u, bobby

Damon said...

Seems like a pretty harsh thing to impose, considering how far you've gotten and the time you have left.

Having said that, you kick ass in 3D as well , so at least we're still in for a treat.

Best of luck!

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